This year’s FNGLA Landscape Show was a hit for us in which we actually won the “Best of Show” booth! We decided to exhibit in a new and distinctive way by showcasing a natural Florida ecosystem that had been recently restored. In past years, we always brought a selection of our nicest plants to display, but we wanted to start including the environmental services division into our exhibits.

The ecosystem that was displayed was a restored Pine Flatwood. This type of plant community is ravaged by fire, seasonal drought and flooding. We demonstrated this ecosystem by using slash pine, longleaf pine, lyonia, wax myrtle, and of course loads of wiregrass. We also used animal friendly plants like beautyberry and saw palmetto.

Dappled throughout our exhibit were dead melaleuca trees that had been girdled and sprayed with herbicide. Melaleuca is an abundant exotic weed tree growing throughout south Florida. Our company is hired throughout the year to combat this exotic nuisance tree as well as other invasive species.

Looking forward to next years Landscape Show!

Chris Holly